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In the Name of ALLAH, the REHMAN-Compassionate, the RAHIM-Most Merciful.

QURAN-e-Karim - Easy English Translation


ALLAH (the Only GOD) is ONE
He is the Supreme Sovereign Power and Authority.
He is the Originator, Creator, Owner and Controller of All Worlds in the Universe and All Beings in the Heavens and Earth; He is Greater than whole Universe and is Omnipresent; No body Can See Him Nor perceive Him, and He Over-sees All of us: He gives Life and cause Death; ALLAH is Independent, Self Sufficient and Free of Needs, while We are All Dependant upon Him; He is the Provider and Sustainer of All Mankind, of All Creatures and of All Beings: He is not begotten to any Parents, Nor He begot anyone: He is the Master on Day of Judgement, Then He will Resurrect All Mankind to account for their Deeds in this Life:: He is ALLAH:

QURAN, is the Final and Ultimate Divine Message of ALLAH for Mankind.

This Book of ALLAH is Protected from Doubts, tampering or Change throughout the last 14 Centruies.

Arabic Text of the Quran is in True WORDS of ALLAH: QURAN is a Total Wisdom and Guidance for All Mankind, beautifully expressed in Clear Verses Revealed through Angel-Gibreil on the Last Prophet MUHAMMAD-SWS.

QURAN is a Living Miracle on Earth, as for more than 14 Centuries, this is preserved in the Hearts of Millions of Men, Women and Children throughout the World , who learn, memorize and Recite it, generation after generations continuously, since its following Opening Verse of Surah Al-Alaq(Chapter-96) was Revealed on ALLAH’s Last Prophet MUHAMMAD-SWS in early Seventh Century of Christian era, as under;

“ READ In The Name Of Your RABB (The Creator And Sustainer), Who Has Created; - Created The Man From A Clot (Germ-Cell),
READ! Your RABB Is The Most Gracious(Bountiful), Who Taught The Man By Pen, - Taught Mankind What They Did Not Know.”

Al-Quran 096, (1-3)

This Final Divine Book was Revealed by ALLAH in 23 years, continuously on His Last Prophet MUHAMMAD-SWS.

It consist of 6236 Verses in 114 Surah-Chapters of 77934 Words , 323,670-Letters and about 1,015,030-Dots.

Its Revelation was completed shortly before the Noble Prohet MUHAMMAD-SWS passed away, with Verse No 281 of Surah Al-Baqra, whose Translation is as under;

“And, Fear the DAY on which you will be brought back unto ALLAH, whereupon every Human-being will be repaid in Full for what it had Earned, and None will be Wronged;”

Al-Quran, Al-Baqra. 002-(281)

- ALLAH revealed upon you the Book with Truth, confirming what was revealed before it. And He revealed Torah and Gospel before this, as guidance for the People. And He revealed Quran-Furqan, criteria of true or false. Surely those who do not believe in Verses of ALLAH will suffer a severe Punishment.

Al-Quran, Al-Emran 003-(004)

-“He is ALLAH Who Sends down Clear Verses upon His Worshipper Servants, So that He bring you out of Darkness into Light. Indeed ALLAH is Gentle and the Most Merciful to you.”

Al-Quran , Al Hadid. 057. (009)

-“O-Believers; Guard yourself and your Families from Hell-Fire whose Fuel are People and Stones, over it harsh and strong Angels are deputed, who never disobey ALLAH and do what He Commands.”

Al-Quran , Al Tahrim. 066. (006)

There is No such parallel example known in the History, nor in the modern World,

where any Book other than QURAN-e Karim is as a whole Memorized and learnt by Heart,
Remembered and Preserved in memory of Millions of People of all Ages in all Times,
all over the World through the Generations and over 14- Centuries;

Believers Recite it regularly and can reproduced word by word; Copies of its Original Arabic Text and/or with Translations in local languages are available and recited in all Muslim Houses, Mosques and Islamic Centres all over the World.
Translated in Easy English by:
Muhammad Ismat-Ullah Choudhary
Public Health Professional/Speaker & Epidemiologist | WHO Operations Officer | WHO Consultant (Retired)

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Masood Nadvi
(Ameer-ICNA, Canada)

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